Behind the Beat, December 2002

Behind the Beat, October 2000


“grassroot conciousness with street directness… Irreverant, caring, countercultural, authentically intimate music.”
– Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul, and Mary

“… highly charged and non-chalantly eccentric.”
– Boston Herald

“Jabbering Trout offers a sense of humor wrapped in delicious melodies and delivered with a sledge hammer.”
– The LEAK Magazine

“The sunny/sad harmonica adds life to these working class folk songs, sung in an odd but fetching Scottish /British brogue. Brings to mind a laid-back cross between the Proclaimers and old English Beat. Seriously.”
– Creative Loafing, Atlanta, GA (Review of first album)

“At the Kerrville Folk Festival Jabbering Trout were responsible for the biggest shakeup in the folkie world since Dylan went electric…”
– Austin Chronicle, Austin TX

“Jabbering Trout is here in all their hard-to-define wonder.”
– Boston Rock

Jabbering Trout were the 1994 Boston Acoustic Underground winners